Twist, turn, then squeeze

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Quadpack's Central Dispensing Tube is a fun solution for beauty products. It's a cool choice that is proving popular with Gen-Z consumers looking for new distinctive takes on standard packaging.

Contrasting with typical tube packaging, the Central Dispensing Tube features a cap-less design that is both efficient and convenient, offering the consumer a handy, playful on-the-go packaging. The user can simply twist open the dispenser, squeeze out the creamy product, then twist it closed again in with a single hand!

Quadpack currently offers the tube in 5 different diameters of 25, 30, 35, 39 and 48.9mm facilitating capacity options from 15ml to 250ml of product. As a further benefit to beauty brands, it can be manufactured in monolayer PE, or as a multilayer barrier tube, which can also incorporate PCR HDPE.

The tube can be decorated with a range of styling techniques so that whether it is used for facial serum, treatment gel, moisturizer or creamy liquid make-up, Quadpack can ensure that your brand stands out in the packaging crowd.

Discover the full features of the Central Dispensing Tube, or contact us directly for more info!


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