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Taking care and giving back: helping a Quadpackers' family forest

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Quadpack partnered with Life Terra in a reforestation action that engaged volunteers to help mitigate climate change

Living up to our purpose of taking care and giving back for tomorrow's generations, Quadpack directed efforts and resources to a personal story in the larger context of Germany's alarming forest crisis. For years, Quadpacker Frank König, a passionate forest owner beyond his work life at our manufacturing facility in Kierspe, had seen the degradation of his family land: "The loss of coniferous tree stands in my forest due to climate change and the bark beetle infestation is a big burden. It's sad to see that what my ancestors planted is no longer here."

Committed to helping a Quadpacker in need and joining forces with employees and their families, we decided to act. We partnered with Life Terra, a pan-European project endorsed by the European Commission whose goal is to reinforce the human connection with nature and restore climate-resilient forests to help mitigate climate change. "This was an opportunity for us to take care of one of our own and give back to the environment. We are grateful to Life Terra, for helping us make a positive impact, on team spirit, on solidarity and on the planet," explains Hulya Gray, Sustainability Champion at Quadpack.

As part of the cooperation with Life Terra, Quadpack donated 1,000 trees and launched an internal campaign motivating employees and their families to sponsor trees via a pledging tool. Quadpackers from Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas showed their solidarity for the reforestation project in Germany, and individual donations were matched by Quadpack, totalling 2,200 trees.

A tree planting event took place on the last Saturday of March 2022. Colleagues from the Kierspe site volunteered and brought along their families to plant under the guidance of Life Terra and the local forestry authority. Among the volunteers were Quadpack's Country Manager DACH+, Fabian Erlhöfer, and CEO and co-founder Tim Eaves, each with their teenage children. The presence of youth at the event was of special importance, since the project partners share a heartfelt responsibility towards tomorrow's generations.

Sven Kallen, founder of Life Terra Foundation, emphasises that "restoring forest land is a symbol of a long-term generational contract. We want what we plant today to be thriving in decades to come. Therefore we learn from the past, we consider future climate scenarios and create resiliency through diversification."

Positive impact on future generations

Our commitment to sustainability is central in our business strategy, which overarches product, processes and people. From our FSC®- and PEFC™-certified wood supply chain to the social actions of the Quadpack Foundation, and our support of reforestation efforts in Spain and now Germany, we are proud to have taken more steps on our positive-impact journey.


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