Pushing boundaries in beauty: introducing the new Iconic Woodacity® lipstick

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The innovation brings together Quadpack’s expertise in wood and Aptar’s technology in lipstick 

Quadpack and Aptar Beauty + Home have jointly developed a refillable lipstick which pushes the boundaries of sustainability and sensory appeal in makeup packaging. In a spirit of collaborative innovation, the two companies have blended their respective expertise in wood and stick mechanisms to create a product that delivers a great consumer experience: the Iconic Woodacity® lipstick.

The Iconic Woodacity® Lipstick is a premium pack designed for minimal impact and maximum consumer engagement. It incorporates Aptar’s Iconic mechanism, recognised as the quality standard by leading makeup brands worldwide, and offers a smooth, constant and precise rotation over time. It is reliable and compatible with most filling lines without any adjustments. POM-free, glue-free and lubricant-free, the mechanism allows perfectly smooth actuation of the bullet.

The mechanism is contained in a monomaterial casing custom-designed and manufactured by Quadpack, made of 100% certified ash wood from sustainably-managed forests. Wood lends natural beauty and adds a sensory dimension to the pack. The casing opens and closes with a new, yet intuitive gesture. The patented ‘Solo Twist’ system features an oval-shaped interior which ensures that the cap auto-locks on a quarter turn. The twist gesture is a departure from standard click closures, making it fresh and fun.

The lipstick is refillable with ease: consumers simply pull out the used mechanism and snap in the new one. They can also keep various colours and insert the one they want to use today, further reducing the pack’s impact.

The entire pack is made in Europe. The mechanism is manufactured by Aptar in Chavanod, France. The factory uses renewable energy, while 95% of production waste is reused or recycled.

The wooden container – with PEFC™ or FSC® certification on demand – is made at Quadpack’s wood factory in Catalonia, Spain, where a biomass plant converts production waste into energy. There, the full pack is decorated and assembled, in readiness for filling.

The Iconic Woodacity® lipstick will be commercially available from both Aptar and Quadpack.

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