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Adolfo Domínguez Oriental Collection – natural inside and out

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Monomaterial ash wood caps from Quadpack’s Woodacity range are tailored to complement the natural ethos of the Puig brand’s new fragrance collection

Spanish luxury fashion house Adolfo Domínguez, has a strong commitment to nature – as inspiration for its products and as a resource to be protected. Its new Oriental Collection of fragrances for women uses vegan formulas with natural ingredients. The packaging, too, reflects the brand’s allegiance to the environment, made with recycled, recyclable and reusable materials. Crowning the glass bottles is an elegant, bespoke wooden cap created by Quadpack, based on its pioneering Woodacity® range.

The brand’s owner, Antonio Puig, is one the earliest clients of the Quadpack Wood factory. It was among the first to introduce wood for fragrance packaging, through its Agua Brava and Adolfo Domínguez brands. For this project, it wanted a cap that reflected the brand’s sustainable ethos and aesthetic design. It explored different closures, but selected Woodacity® as the only all-natural, technical solution that offered the same performance and opening experience as a multi-material cap.

Conceived by Quadpack’s wood experts, the Woodacity® system transforms wood into a functional material. The patented closures twist, turn, snap or push closed onto the container. All Woodacity® products are made of wood from sustainably-managed forests. Those made for Adolfo Domínguez are PEFC-certified.

Wood’s inherent versatility allowed complete freedom of design. Quadpack Wood’s state-of-the-art CNC (computer-numeric controlled) milling machines sculpted each piece into the distinctive shape created for the Oriental Collection. The caps are made of 100% ash and treated with one of four different colours, to match the bottles of the range’s variants. However, the grain pattern – unique in each and every piece – remains visible to reinforce the storytelling.

The factory’s low-carbon manufacture, fuelled by renewable energy and its own biomass plant, coupled with its proximity to the brand, cuts down Puig’s Scope 3 emissions and underscores its environmental commitment.

Being a bespoke solution, a complete homologation process ensured perfect performance, with both companies’ technical departments working side by side. The Oriental Collection was launched worldwide late 2023 and the beautiful caps have since been extended to the male collection, as well as the Agua Fresca fragrance range.

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