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We Wish You a Zero Waste Christmas!

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For many families, Christmas is about abundance and excessive consumption. In times of climate emergency, why not reconsider some of our habits and celebrate in a sustainable way? Here’s a compilation of tips and actions that can reduce consumption and generate much less waste.

Rethink shopping
Secret Santa season is open, so why not a do it yourself or a second-hand gift instead of buying a new one? It’s more personal and it can help unleash creativity.

Give time
This is the time of the year when people want to feel close, connected, embraced. What about spending time with a friend or a family member, instead of buying them gifts? These moments ought to be more special than another pair of socks.

Creative wrapping
Most wrapping paper types are not recyclable and go directly to the garbage bin. Try to be creative and reuse boxes, newspapers, old magazines…you name it.

Experiences, not things
Young generations are preferring to have experiences instead of buying things. Follow the trend and gift them with a ticket to the theatre or the museum, a newspaper subscription or a wellness spa coupon.

Reusable gifts
You can support a zero-waste lifestyle giving stainless water bottles, tote bags for shopping or a bamboo straw. Reusable gifts help people to generate less waste in the future.

Natural and recyclable decoration
Use elements of nature to make your home look prettier – fruits, leaves, pine cones, nuts and branches can be put together in a beautiful way. Recyclable elements are also welcome: be creative with cardboard, paper and glass.

Don’t cook too much (and eat the leftovers)
It’s tempting to have a full table and create the “abundance” feeling that many of us love in this time of the year, but it can generate unnecessary waste. Remember to calculate well the portions and the people who’ll attend to your party. If there are leftovers, they can be well-kept in the fridge or the freezer to be tasted again.

We wish Happy, Sustainable Holidays to you – and to the planet!

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