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Waterless beauty: a sustainable innovation

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Practical and environmentally friendly, dry and oil-based formulas are the new trends in cosmetics

Could any of us ever imagine not using water in our beauty routine? The most precious liquid in the world is essential to our life and health, and although scientific research is evolving, we still haven’t found its perfect substitute. It is, in fact, a limited commodity. As global consumption and climate change accelerate dryness in many regions, the need for sustainable solutions to prevent water scarcity has become urgent.

Waterless formulas have become a smart, green solution for beauty brands, answering to consumers’ needs for more eco-conscious products. Besides saving water, which is the main ingredient in many cosmetic formulas, these products allow reduced packaging and are mostly preservative-free, since these additives are used to avoid bacterial contamination that is common in water.

The waterless trend has given space for a whole range of products to emerge. Dry and oil-based formulas are now booming. From shampoos to sticks, cleansing oils and serum powder, there’s a myriad of launches that are conquering consumers all over the world. An additional benefit is the fact that most waterless products come in convenient travel-size packaging, minimising transport emissions.

The fact that we still can’t live without water doesn’t mean that we can’t use it wisely in our beauty routines. Smart, sustainable innovation is here to help us to do so.

Is your brand launching a dry or oil-based formula? Contact your Quadpack sales representative and discover Sulapac® Nordic Collection by Quadpack, a sustainable and microplastic-free solution for your waterless product.


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