Onwards and upwards: follow Regula Jar’s sustainable path

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Made by Louvrette, a Quadpack Company, this 100% European jar is the perfect example of our sustainable product development strategy.

When it comes to sustainability, being in the comfort zone is never an option. Even a best-seller must be revisited to make it the best product it can be! Made in Europe by Louvrette, a Quadpack Company, Regula Jar is a perfect example of how the pursuit of eco-conscious packaging can never stop. Follow its path through our sustainable product development strategy:

Reduce – From a thick-walled jar to a version up to 50% lighter, with the same size impression: these are the main features of Regula Light, a light-weight jar that saves costs as well as transportation carbon footprint.

Recycle – The challenge here was to start offering Regula Light in recyclable and recycled options – Louvrette decided on SusPET (virgin recyclable material) and PCR (post-consumer recycled). Regula Eco is born! A new Regula in glass, a recyclable premium product, will be available soon.

Replace – It’s time to look for more even more sustainable options: we’re talking about compostable, biodegradable packaging. Quadpack is now homologating alternatives like Sulapac, which allows us to replace traditional plastic with a microplastic-free material made from wood and natural biopolymers.

Reuse – Quadpack keeps investigating ways to make packaging more sustainable, working in all steps of the product’s lifecycle, from sourcing to disposal. So, why not make Regula range and others refillable? The new Regula Airless will be launched this summer – stay tuned!

Regula Light and Regula Eco are offered in 50ml versions.


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