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Quadpack reimagines the dropper with a new, high-performance tube solution made entirely of recyclable materials

You don’t want to waste a single drop when using a high-value, liquid formulation. And if you’re applying it directly to your face, precision is vital. That’s when you need an applicator pack that gives you complete control, drop by single drop. The Wanderer by Quadpack is an innovative dropper tube created to provide precise and targeted application, thanks to an exclusive internal design. What makes it even better is that it is a mono-family pack, made of plastics that can be recycled together, with the option of including post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. Adding up to 28% PCR improves its circularity by 86%*, giving it an ‘Advanced’ level of sustainability according to Quadpack’s PIP (positive-impact packaging) ratings system.

The Wanderer features a unique flow control disc, which disrupts the flow of the product. By applying pressure to the tube, the formula enters the pipette and ‘wanders’ around the disc’s circuit, giving the consumer better control. A slanted tip facilitates direct application to targeted small areas, with visibly separated drops.

The Wanderer is designed specifically for low-viscosity formulations, such as oils, light serums and boosters, making it perfect for ready-to-apply formulations, as well as mix-it-yourself rituals in personalised skincare routines. Available with a 19mm or 25mm diameter, it supports capacities of 7-20ml and 15-50ml, with either a flush or shouldered design. Brands can play with the tube’s proportions – from short and wide, to long and thin – along with a host of decoration options to ensure it matches brand identity.

The functional, minimalist design has just four components: tube, disc, pipette and cap. The cap and pipette come in polypropylene, while the tube is made of polyethylene. It can be monolayer or multilayer, with an EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) barrier for extra protection of complex formulations. The tube and cap offer the possibility to include PCR content.

“The Wanderer is a perfect example of optimal control in a mono-family pack. When designing a high-performance product, it is important to consider sustainability right from the start,” said Quadpack Category Specialist Alejandra Isern. “The flow control disc works wonders. It’s amazing how such a small part can impact performance. With regard to external design, having this applicator in a tube makes the user experience comfortable and completely intuitive, making it an easy but effective self-care solution.”

Like every product in Quadpack's catalogue, life-cycle assessment and other impact data for The Wanderer are available in its Environmental Report, to help brands make conscious decisions and achieve their sustainability goals.

* Life-cycle assessments show that the circularity index increases from 0.15 to 0.28 when switching from a virgin plastic solution to one with 28% PCR in a 30ml monolayer tube using PIQET's LCA tool.

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