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Quadpack’s Ultra Solo houses airless technology in a monomaterial pack

Airless technology meets monomaterial design in Ultra Solo, the newest member of Quadpack’s airless range. The polyethylene (PE) pack also features a metal-free pump, ensuring the whole packaging solution is made of a single, recyclable material. Airless technology further adds a host of benefits, for the formula, the brand and the consumer, making Ultra Solo a perfect blend of sustainability and performance.

The single-wall pack has a minimalist yet sleek design. Thanks to the PE material, Ultra Solo’s slim silhouette can have a high-gloss finish, while a variety of decoration options make it adaptable to any brand identity. Available in 15ml, 30ml and 50ml, it allows for easy top filling.

Airless technology ensures that dosage is a perfect 0.15cc per stroke – never more or less, regardless of the pressure applied. The sealed environment protects the formulation from external contamination, reducing the need for artificial preservatives. The pump system also allows consumers to use it at any angle, with consistently excellent performance.

All of Ultra Solo’s components – cap, pump engine, actuator and bottle – are PE. As such, the whole product boasts 100% recyclability, certified by leading European assessment institute cyclos-HTP*. “We are aiming for greater recyclability in our product development,” explains Quadpack Category Specialist Alejandra Isern, “and nothing is easier to recycle than a monomaterial pack. Ultra Solo is also our first airless solution in PE, expanding the range of materials in our airless portfolio.”

As with all products in Quadpack’s catalogue, an Environmental Report for Ultra Solo is available, with life-cycle assessment and other impact data, to help brands achieve their sustainability goals.

*Certification valid for Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands

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