Gala dip-in pack: born for makeup artists everywhere

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Four smart and intuitive applicators make Gala the perfect solution for eye, lip and face formulas

Looks matter, but application is everything in colour cosmetics packaging. In the world of makeup artistry, the right tools are essential to achieve perfect results. New from Quadpack is the Gala dip-in pack, which combines an attractive thick-wall bottle with four high-performance applicators for specific uses.

The monomaterial pack has an eco-conscious soul. Made entirely of recyclable PET, brands can also opt for 100% rPET components. Life-cycle assessments show that a switch to a full PCR version improves the pack’s circularity index by 60%. This elevates Gala to an ‘Advanced’ level of sustainability, according to Quadpack’s PIP (Positive Impact Packaging) rating.

Gala’s beautifully-crafted, 4.5ml bottle exudes prestige with its substantial size impression and clean silhouette. Designed for eye, lip and face formulas, four different applicators allow this pack to cover all makeup areas:

The Elegant  A rigid and precise doe foot-shaped tool, with a central reservoir on the tip, optimised for concealer and lip formulas that require high definition.

The Essential  A round-tipped spatula with dual reservoirs on opposite sides; super flexible and gentle for soft and easy application.

The Glamorous  A concave, flexible, petal-shaped tool, with a large reservoir for formula collection and a pointed tip for precise application.

The Irresistible  A spoon-shaped applicator, with a central reservoir and rigid tip for maximum control of highly-pigmented lip products.

Besides supporting makeup formulas, Gala can be decorated to conform to any brand image. From hot-stamping to metallisation, stunning aesthetics can be applied to turn this value-added pack into a prized possession.

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