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With a dispensing system that enables bulk stability and clean application, airless is the ultimate trend in cosmetics packaging

All beauty experts know that a successful product is the combination of a great formula and the right packaging. While consumers have always desired cosmetics with proven efficacy and safety, now they also want them to be ‘cleaner’, with less added preservatives. What’s more, hygienic products that reduce waste are on top of their wish-list.

Airless packaging meets the challenge by combining all these possibilities in one pack, thanks to a dispensing system where the formula is never in contact with the air before application. There are many benefits to it, as explains Pierre-Antoine Henry, Quadpack’s Head of Category. “Airless packaging enables the use of a variety of active ingredients, while increasing their potency as many of them are sensitive to oxidation. By protecting formulas, airless systems also reduce the need for preservatives, answering to a growing demand for ‘clean beauty’ products.” Waste reduction is an extra advantage, as the pump accesses more than 95 per cent of the product.

Another feature that is much sought-after in recent times is hygienic application, since the built-in applicator prevents the user to manipulate the bulk, which also safeguards its stability. “Consumers have grown even more careful of what they touch and need to make sure that the product is free of contamination,” says Henry.

The latest trend in airless is sustainability, and recyclable solutions are on the rise. Quadpack is currently working on extending its offer using more recyclable materials and metal-free airless packaging. Discover Quadpack’s Q-Line Airless range: Regula, Wood, Konico, Soul and Classic Airless.


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