Smooth, rich foam with Quadpack's new 3 Mesh Foamer

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The 3 Mesh Foamer from Quadpack Group uses Apollo's patented technology, designed with different meshes, to produce a greater volume of rich, luxurious foam that spreads easily onto the skin. The new high-tech pump empowers the user to transform liquid formulas at a single press.

The foamer has been constructed with three fine meshes. The liquid formula is forced through each of these in order to obtain smaller bubbles. The resulting foam is therefore velvety soft rather than soapy, in addition to being more voluminous. Furthermore, the richness of the foam lasts longer before turning back to liquid.

The 3 Mesh Foamer is ideal for liquid and semi-liquid formulas that need a finer, richer foam quality than that which is offered by ordinary foamers. Suitable applications might include facial cleansers, self-tanning foam or high-end hair mousse.

Available with 150ml and 200ml bottles in HDPE or PET, the foamer can be decorated using colour-matching, silk screening, hot stamping or metallisation. Aluminium collars or matt mould caps can also be added to produce a pack that is attractive as well as high performance.

As with all Apollo pumps, all metal parts are removed from the product path, providing greater formula integrity and compatibility.

Full specifications for the 3 Mesh Foamer in both HDPE and PET can be found in the product catalog.


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