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Quadpack's Make-Up Division has launched a line for liquid foundation comprising four elegant packs that are a direct response to modern make-up formulas. The line is part of Quadpack's Q-Line brand.

Explaining the reason behind the new range, Sonia Cerato, Category Manager of Quadpack's Make-Up Division, reveals:

"Foundation is still every woman's must-have make-up product. These days, formulas are not only about colour, but also contain special treatments such as lifting, anti-ageing and SPF. Brands are constantly on the look-out for new delivery systems to accommodate these."

Quadpack's new range shifts foundation packaging beyond airless to include atmospheric pumps and droppers. The two high-performing pump models, particularly suited to thicker formulas, have an in-built technology that prevents the formula coming into contact with metal components, thus preventing any oxidation or alteration.

However, for lighter formulas, the two dropper models are the perfect proposition, dispensing the correct measurement of foundation onto the skin both conveniently and effortlessly.

Treatment foundations are now a feature across the entire spectrum of beauty brands making Quadpack's new range easy to tailor to all suit all customers in any market.

"The inherent design is modern and simple and the glass itself has a very thick bottom, typical of what you would find in perfume bottle", continues Cerato. "Besides the plastic version, the pump is also available with an aluminium collar and wood-sheathed cap to add a touch of luxury. The dropper version can be treated with an aluminium finish on the collar, while the teats come in different materials."

With these new end-to-end solutions, and new formats promised over the next few months, Quadpack will have the rapidly-evolving science of foundation make-up covered.

Find further details of the Q-Line Liquid Foundation range in the product catalog.


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