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Quadpack has launched its first range of packs focused on body products: the 'Body Care Collection'. Applying its recognized expertise in skin care, this elegant compilation of packaging concepts offers all the sophistication and style of a high-end cosmetics range.

Skin Care Category Manager David Reguill, explains:

"The Body Care Collection represents a kind of 'knowledge transfer'. Luxury skin care packaging is one of our core strengths at Quadpack. Body care, on the other hand, tends to be lower masstige/mass market with a corresponding look and feel.

That's why we decided to close the gap with a new premium range, pouring all our know how into a collection that effectively brings luxury spa treatments into the home."

The Body Care Collection comprises packaging solutions for the nine most popular treatments, from body lotion to hair oil. Each pack features component parts carefully selected from the most suitable manufacturers according to functionality, compatibility and aesthetics. The finished packs have each been tested at Quadpack's central test laboratory to ensure an optimum configuration.

For the most prestigious brands, Quadpack can add components in aluminium and wood, the latter from its own manufacturing facility at Technotraf Wood Packaging. The specialist decoration services at Krampak are available if high-end decoration is required.

"When you look at this collection, it is clear that it offers something more than usual body care collections. It has an excellent price/performance, but the main differentiator here is quality. The Body Care Collection is on a different level. It's pure luxury", concludes Reguill.

The Body Care Collection includes a 250ml Hair Mask Jar, 250ml Body Lotion, 100ml Body Oil, 100ml Hair Oil Spray, 250ml Body Wash (with Disc Top), 150ml Body Scrub Jar, 200ml Anti-Cellulite Lotion Pack and a 75ml Hand / Foot Cream Tube.

Technotraf Wood Packaging and Krampak are Quadpack Group companies.


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