Fresh, colourful and fun: Yonwoo's Airless Point Neck

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The benefits of airless technology are now available in a playful yet elegant pack. New from Yonwoo is this colourful 50ml container, perfect for skin care brands targeting a young, vibrant audience. With a neck ring available in any Pantone colour, the Airless Point Neck can be used for a range of colour-coded products or simply match a brand's signature colour.

Its trendy design features gently sloping sides, a rounded actuator and a cylindrical cap. The coloured neck rings, available in flexible quantities, snap easily onto the collar. Quadpack can colour-match the pack, too, and decorate it using a number of techniques. Silk-screening a logo or product name in a colour that matches the neck ring instantly results in a balanced, bright look and feel.

Underpinning its avant-garde design is Yonwoo's patented airless technology. The airless pump ensures that the formula is completely shielded from oxygen and external contaminants. This keeps the formula fresh until the moment of use, and allows less artificial preservatives to be used. The airless system also ensures a precise dosage of 0.20cc per stroke, while its wide neck enables easy filling.

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