Quadpack Double Roll-on: a sensual experience in fragrance

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Fragrances should make the consumer feel special and its packaging should reflect that. Quadpack's new Double Roll-On turns a daily ritual into a sensual experience. With a choice of two scents and an ultra-smooth roll-on applicator, it is a small treasure that fits perfectly in handbags.

The Double Roll-On features two glass roll-ons joined by a beautiful wooden link. With two vials, consumers can choose their scent according to their mood, or alternate between eau de toilette and eau de parfum. Thanks to a smooth roller ball, the scent glides onto the skin for a moment of pure indulgence.

The central closure is crafted from wood by Technotraf, heightening the sensory appeal of the product. Wood adds a satisfying 'touch and feel' that brings you back to nature – and closer to the scent.

Ball options include glass, plastic and metal, for a cool, soothing touch. Capacity of the bottles is 5ml as standard, with larger sizes on request.

Depending on the desired look, the link can be aluminium or PEFC-certified wood. These can be decorated using dedicated techniques such as anodising, staining or engraving. The glass can by silk-screened, hot-stamped and spray-coated, for a look that fits perfectly with a customized brand image.


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