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There’s nothing like glorious sunshine to lift the spirits, warm the soul and give skin a healthy-looking tan. However, as cosmetics companies know, sun can spell ‘danger’ for skin.
According to the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD), over 100,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed annually in the UK alone, with over-exposure to UV light from the sun and sunbeds known to be the main cause of the vast majority of cases. In as many as four out of five cases, the BAD says, skin cancer is preventable.
Thanks to initiatives like BAD’s Sun Awareness campaign, public knowledge about sun protection is becoming more widespread. The best way to protect skin is with clothing and shade followed by sunscreen, as a helpful means of providing extra protection.  
As beauty brands prepare their 2014 sun care range, SPF formulas can be protected in turn, with the right packaging. From barrier-lined tottles to airless technology, Quadpack’s sun care ranges can help deliver the formula in optimum condition.
The Sun, Sky and Gold ranges contain comprehensive collections to prepare and protect the skin during the hot summer months, containing foam pumps, airless bottles, jars, trigger sprays, pansticks and lip balms, as well as a complete fake-it collection. Contact us for full details.


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