Brivaplast 1389 mascara for the maxi look

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The maxi look is back. When it comes to lashes, the bigger the better. Brivaplast packs help the volumizing action of mascara formulas and its latest offering, 1389, comes in a suitably big bottle.
1389 hooks perfectly into today’s trend for big, bold mascaras. With a 19mm diameter and a large capacity, the cylindrical bottle feels solid in your hand. The lines are symmetrical and smooth, even the cap: the injection point is hidden on the inside of the cap, avoiding the usual dip.

Application of the product is improved thanks to Brivaplast’s patented bi-injected wiper. In addition, 1389 has a premium click closure to ensure the consumer closes the pack correctly.
The mono-material pack is in PP and comes with an injection blow-moulded bottle and a filling suggestion of 11-14ml.
The pack is suitable for bottle orientation and multi-colour decoration processes, ideal for big, bright packs aimed at the teen market.
1389 comes with a choice of three great brushes for varying functions: lengthening, separating and volumizing.


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