Twin Mix: the pipette dropper for high-value treatments

  • Quadpack

Nothing engages consumers more than having the power to transform the product. At the press of a button, Quadpack Twin Mix pack releases a powder into a serum, bringing the formula to life. A pipette dropper for local application further adds value to the pack.

Quadpack’s Twin Mix is ideal for OTC, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical formulas. It is designed for high-value, intensive treatments that contain active ingredients preserved in powder form.

Pressing the cap perforates the seal that separates the powder from the liquid. The consumer shakes the pack to mix the two formulas, in order to activate the treatment. The product is then applied using a pipette dropper.

The tubular glass bottle is 100% compatible with any formula and comes in capacities of 7ml and 10ml. Decoration options include spray coating, silk screening, hot stamping and labelling. A multipack option is available for courses of treatment.


  • Skincare
    • Glass

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