The end of messy nail polish removal

  • Quadpack

Yonwoo has reissued its Well Pump especially for nail polish removal. Based on the popular Well Pump introduced by Quadpack for toner and make-up remover products, the pack has been repurposed to resist the abrasive effects of acetone-based formulas.
Its disc actuator enables single-handed usage, dispensing a perfect 0.5cc dose directly onto a cotton wool pad. Easy, hygienic and mess-free.
A one-way valve prevents seep-back by retaining the product in the valve, to prevent contamination. The same valve also allows all of the product to be used without waste.
The Well Pump can be assembled on two styles of bottle: an attractive, flush, cylindrical bottle with a small footprint and a wider, shorter bottle that sits more prominently on a shelf. A range of matching bottles is available in capacities from 130ml to 300ml. All feature the same easy-to-use flip-top cap, which allows the bottle to be opened with one hand.


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