Need airless? Love glass? Yonwoo has the answer!

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Cosmetics brands that need the protection of airless technology but prefer the aesthetics of glass now have the answer. Quadpack has recently announced that it will be offering Yonwoo's Crystal Round range. Adding a new twist to the classic Boston Round, Crystal is made of PETG, but is constructed to look like glass. The airless packs feature the sloping shoulders of traditional pharmaceutical bottles, making them ideal for organic treatments and OTC formulas.

The collar pump has a distinctive ring to reinforce the look of a glass bottle. The result is a pack with a smart, medical appearance, which helps convey restorative qualities of cosmetic formulas. 

The airless pump snaps neatly onto the neck. Airless technology prevents external contamination, safeguarding the product's integrity and enabling less use of artificial preservatives.

"The Crystal Round range is a typical example of Yonwoo innovation", said Quadpack CEO Tim Eaves. "It addresses a real need in the market, where brands require a glass-effect pack capable of protecting advanced formulas. These high-tech packs offer airless protection in a new interpretation of the Boston Round, for a modern, yet recognisable look that inspires confidence."

The bottle, cap and separate base are all high-strength PETG, with a transparent glass effect that offers the added benefit of showing the product inside. Clear bottles allow consumers to visually select from a range of colours when used for foundation, for example.

Yonwoo's Crystal range comes in 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml volumes and can be colour matched in any colour, including warm amber and cool blue. A range of decoration options is available to conform to branding requirements.

Quadpack is the exclusive distributor of Yonwoo in Europe.


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