No dripping, no leaking – the revolutionary oil pump from Apollo

  • Quadpack

The Apollo Oil Pump – exclusively available from Quadpack – is engineered to combat the effects of oil migration. Using special components, the pump resists oil-induced swelling to prevent leakage, keeping the pump and bottle clean and dry. 

In addition, its distinctive elongated nozzle is cleverly angled to avoid the contents from dripping. Its shape ensures that the formula seeps neatly back into the chamber. Together with decoration options uncommon for oil pumps, this product can achieve a true premium look. 

Various pump styles are available, on 20/410 or 24/410 neck sizes and with dosage variants of 0.4cc and 0.7cc per stroke. The pump has a locking system to prevent leakage during travel. Quadpack can also provide standard bottles and develop custom shapes to match. 

The Apollo Oil Pump is ideal for face serums, cleansing oils, body oils, hair treatments and sun care. Recommended viscosity is 2,000-3,000 cps. 

As with all Apollo pumps, the oil pump has a low MOQ. The pump can be personalised with colour-matched components and a choice of collar, including plastic and anodised aluminium. Special tooling can be produced to emboss logos or graphics onto a metal collar, elevating its aesthetics to premium ranks.

An independent third-party trial recently saw the Apollo Oil Pump outperform all other oil pumps tested.


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