The perfect mix'n'match make-up kit for teens

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Make-up brands targeting fashion-conscious teens: check out Unit Pact! This neat little rectangle lets consumers build their own palette, by slotting together different colours. A complete, portable 3ml make-up kit can be assembled by combining lip balms, blusher and eye shadow. With optional aluminium godets, this fun DIY set is ideal for girls and young women who like to mix'n'match according to their moods.

Unit Pact components can be stacked into a cube or can slide into place side by side, whatever is most convenient for the user to carry around.

The concept also works well as a gift with purchase, where a set of three colours or products can be branded to boost a cosmetic launch or other consumer item.

Unit Pact is a polypropylene pack constructed from a single mould. It can be branded with silk screening or hot stamping.


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