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Imagine your beauty product in a luxury presentation box. It could look something like this. A beautiful, premium wooden box that positions your product firmly in the realms of high-end aesthetics. Created by Quadpack Group's secondary packaging team, this concept demonstrates one of the many possibilities available to entice the consumer and make them love the brand.

In this example, the box is made of wood materials with a base and a two-part lid. The base is coated with a glossy lacquer; the top is in two parts, covered with black PU leather. Four silver metal quadrant hinges allow it to be opened, with the two upper parts of the lid swinging smoothly outwards. A PU leather strap holds the top together with a hidden magnetic closure, decorated with an debossed logo. The inside of the box is lined with black satin, with a flocked tray to hold the product neatly in place.

Quadpack provides beautiful boxes expertly crafted from wood, paper and fabric. Wooden boxes can be produced at the Technotraf factory at the Manufacturing Division in Spain or made to order by approved supply partners in Europe and Asia. In addition, luxury gift with purchase/purpose bags can be created to support the launch of a new product.

Headed up by secondary packaging expert Amanda Bocker, Quadpack Group's offer in this field is entirely premium and bespoke. It pulls together talent from various areas within the company, including the Business Development team, Design & Engineering team, sourcing offices and Manufacturing Division.

All projects are meticulously planned in advance, with advanced 3D designs created by Quadpack's bespoke service aiding visualisation of the final result. Each product is exclusive to the customer and carefully assembled by hand.

To find out how Quadpack can help you with your secondary packaging requirements, please contact your local sales representative.


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