Quadpack brings a blush to its Liquid Foundation range

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The Liquid Foundation range from Quadpack has expanded. The popular Q-Line family now has a new member specifically designed for blush. Its 15ml capacity is just right for liquid face products such as blusher and highlighter, while perfectly complementing the rest of the 30ml range. With this new addition, brands can launch a great-looking collection of liquid foundations that's elegant and consistent across the board.

Liquid Blush features a perfumery-quality glass bottle, with a very thick base. Its stylish, modern design offers an ideal backdrop for creative design. The overall look is one of premium colour cosmetics.

In terms of performance, its 18/415 neck size allows a choice of Q-Line pumps and droppers to best match the formula. Quadpack's high-tech pump is particularly suited to thicker formulas. This uses a system that prevents the formula coming into contact with metal components, to prevent oxidation or alteration. The Q-Line droppers – push button or teat – are designed for lighter formulas, effortlessly dispensing the correct measurement onto the skin.

The 15ml Liquid Blush will be officially launched at MakeUp in Paris.


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