The Wooden Purse Spray as a work of art

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The Wooden Purse Spray has evolved. Drawing inspiration from new trends in architecture, interior decoration, art and fashion, an exciting new shape has been created that will surprise and inspire all who set eyes on it.

The new format – dubbed 'Geometric' – has a unique geometric design that's totally on-trend. It adds a tactile experience to the consumer, who cannot but appreciate its look and feel. More than a perfume pack, it stages packaging as a work of art, but one you take with you and use every day.

Launched in September 2015, the Wooden Purse Spray provides an elegant, environmentally-friendly solution for fragrances on the go. The pack comprises a standard glass bottle encased in a beautiful sheath made of sustainably-sourced wood.

The 15ml bottle has a push-button spray pump that pushes down neatly into an integrated slot in the case. Once finished, the cases can be refilled if desired, or the components taken apart for recycling.

The Wooden Purse Spray is manufactured at Quadpack Group's Technotraf factory in Spain. It can be made of a choice of wood types including maple, beech and ash, and can be stained in different colours. Besides Geometric, milled and standard cylindrical shapes are available.


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