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Soft, long-wearing lipsticks are the busy woman's best friend. On the go all day and perhaps all night, these little helpers ensure the perfect pout, with colour that won't kiss off. Such hard-working formulas need hard-working packs. Now, Quadpack's Make-Up Division puts a high-tech proposal within the scope of mass market brands. Suitable for any lipstick and lipbalm formulation, its new Q-Line Airtight Lipstick has added features which help keep soft, long-lasting formulas fresh and ready.

Part of the Q-Line family of products, the Airtight Lipstick supports softer formulations with a long-lasting claim. Airtightness keeps the product from drying out, while its construction is made of compatible materials. The use of ABS in the base and cap makes it ideal for silicone- and isododecane-based formulas. The A shell comes in either metal or plastic.

The airtight closure has been validated in Quadpack's standard test procedure at the group's central test laboratory in Barcelona, Spain. Tests were conducted in a vacuum chamber to a pressure of -300mbar, with no leakage over a five-minute period.

In terms of aesthetics, the Airtight Lipstick can be whatever you want it to be. Its clean, cylindrical shape provides a versatile backdrop for creative decoration. Metallisation, hot stamping, spray coating and silk screening are just some of the options that can be used to transform a simple pack into something truly special.


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