Gemel Purse Spray – the design of your dreams

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The new Gemel Purse Spray is Quadpack's latest addition to its Q-Line family of products. Conceived by its in-house design team together with Quadpack's Fragrance Division, Gemel is a beautiful little pack with a unique look and feel that hooks into today's trends in aesthetics and usage.

Gemel features a 15ml moulded glass bottle with a PP cap, making it big enough to last a while, yet small enough to fit in a purse. The screw neck allows the product to be easily disassembled for recycling or refilling purposes.

Gemel's distinctive shape gives it a huge potential in terms of personalisation. The cylindrical pack has a flat side, which means it can lie on its side or stand upright. This differentiated design opens up a host of creative glass decoration options, for example, adding ceramic or metal plates, applying 3D print or presenting it in gorgeous secondary packaging concepts like multi-pocket PU pouches.

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