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Collistar Rosetto Unico turns lip colour into sensory delight

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Rossetto Unico is Collistar's new premium lipstick. Available in 16 vibrant shades, its rich, creamy and ultra-comfortable texture glides onto your lips, for long-lasting colour that doesn't smudge. A companion product to Collistar's best-selling Mascara Unico, Rosetto Unico deserved a premium treatment in terms of packaging.

Mascara Unico introduced a new, special shape to Collistar's portfolio in 2017. The brand then started looking for a solution for a lipstick featuring the same shape. One of the key requirements was a magnetic closure. Appointing Quadpack as a packaging partner with extensive experience in this area, work commenced to develop a pack with a bespoke design. Quadpack's design team presented a number of proposals, while its business development team worked on technical specifications. Once approved, following a successful test run using the new moulds, production started, the final stage of a year of intense development.

A beautiful bespoke pack was created that framed the lipstick to best effect. The metal cylinder is anodised a resplendent gold, a pure embodiment of luxury. A very fine horizontal groove pattern has been applied with great care, which is carried through on the lipstick bullet itself. And, like the bullet, the logo appears debossed on the top of the cap.

The Collistar logotype appears in a black band at the top of the base, through a double anodisation process. Both the base and the cap feature a magnetic ring, providing an audible click closure. The cap has to be pulled open and, when placed back on, automatically draws closed by magnetic attraction, in a satisfying gesture.

The magnet at the bottom of the cap has been incorporated in such a way that it appears as the final groove, ensuring a seamless continuity of the ribbed pattern. Added weight in the cap enhances the feeling of luxury.

This unique combination of features delivers a sensory experience on multiple levels. The first encounter is the metal material, which is cold to the touch. The ribbed texture adds a tactile experience to the product. Twisting the cap on the base when closed produces a pleasing symphony of clicks. Removing the cap requires a gentle but firm pull, underscoring the luxurious quality of the product. On returning the cap, when close to the base, you can watch it snap back all by itself. And to complete the sensory elements are the aesthetics: the pack simply looks gorgeous, an eye-catching, sophisticated vessel for Collistar's most premium lipstick ever.


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