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Störtebekker chose Quadpack’s biobased Sulapac® jar for its new beard balm

Wellness routines for men have been largely overlooked in beauty, but a new trend has been pushing brands to offer more self-care options for males. According to Mintel data*, more men are opting for skincare and facial haircare products, with 50% saying they are using the latter more frequently than a year ago. New generations are particularly eager to use these products, with 27% of younger millennials and 21% of Gen Z males using beard balms, oils or similar facial haircare products in the past year.

German men’s grooming brand Störtebekker has been riding this wave, launching complete ranges of shaving and beard care. One of the latest additions to its collection is the Crusoe Beard Balm, beautifully packed in a Sulapac® jar 50 ml. The warm granite colour decorated with a gold compass in silkscreen fits the brand story perfectly, inspired by a famous German pirate.

Störtebekker selected the jar for its aesthetics and sustainability. Sulapac® is made of wood chips and natural plant binders that make it safe for people and the planet, leaving no permanent microplastics behind. The visible wood chips mesh with the masculine image of the brand, while hooking into the pirate theme. Quadpack manufactured and decorated the jar entirely in Germany, keeping carbon footprint down.

According to Martin Picard, Störtebekker CEO, the brand is also developing skincare solutions, tapping into the male wellness trend. “Our customers are increasingly valuing the moments spent taking care of their skin, hair and body. Our beard balm brings the added value of sustainability with the biobased Sulapac® jar,” he says.

Crusoe Beard Balm is sold online and can be shipped worldwide.

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*Men’s Personal Care – US – 2022


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