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From sketch to shelf. The story behind the Franck Muller perfume bottle

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Precision, creativity, craftsmanship, heritage and innovation; the art of horlogerie and perfume have much in common.

Franck Muller, the prestigious Swiss watchmaker, decided to explore this special relationship with the creation of five exquisite Franck Muller eau de parfums. Quadpack’s product development team made the magic happen for this very special project.

The concept stage

All great design is born with an idea. Quadpack presented the client with a series of sketches for bottles inspired by the form of a classic, elongated watch face, with the cap representing the watch’s crown.

Technology steps in

Once the hand drawn concept was approved, technology stepped in. 2D drawing is a digitally-generated image of the design that both client and manufacturer, guided by Quadpack, can refine, tweak and test, ultimately making sure all facets of the manufacturing process are do-able, and there will be no surprises on the production line.

The 3D prototype

3D printing has accelerated and made more cost effective the early stages of bespoke packaging development, and Quadpack’s Design and Advanced Technologies department has invested heavily in the latest 3D printing machinery.

With an accurate prototype in hand, team members were able to feel the final result, such as the bottle’s weight, dimensions, how it looks on the shelf and comfortably it sits in the hand; all vital considerations for a product as sensual and personal as fragrance.

The finishing touches

Decoration and finishes had to express the haute prestige values of the Franck Muller name, and involved a number of sophisticated techniques.

The bottle sides and cap were screen-printed in a shiny gold, leaving the interior frames on the front and rear faces clear. A composition of clock-face numbers were laser cut onto the rear face, which when viewed from the front, seemingly ‘dance’ through the perfume’s liquid sheen.

The front face was silk-screened with Franck Muller’s elegant logo and the fragrance reference. It was the final touch in what is destined to be a perfume bottle that will withstand the test of time.


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