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A ‘radically sustainable’ partnership

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Berlin-based brand i+m chose Sulapac® Nordic Collection by Quadpack for the new member of its natural cosmetics series

Award-winning German cosmetics brand i+m has launched a new product for its WE REDUCE! range. The Rose Deodorant Cream was brought to life with sustainably innovative packaging: the 30ml jar from the Sulapac® Nordic Collection by Quadpack.

Made with a biobased, compostable material that biodegrades without leaving microplastics behind, the packaging was developed by Quadpack following the highest standards of sustainability. “In Quadpack, we have found a partner who has supported us from the very beginning to make serious progress on the subject of sustainable packaging. We had been looking for a plastic-free alternative for a long time and the Sulapac® jar offers all the advantages of plastic, but it’s compostable and made from renewable raw materials,” says Jörg von Kruse, Managing Director of i+m.

Proud of its history as a fair-trade, vegan skincare brand, i+m is a three-time winner of sustainability awards for its products. The WE REDUCE! series was the most recent finalist of the German Sustainability Award Design 2021, thanks to its plastic-free packaging and certified natural cosmetics. By taking a holistic approach to beauty, integrating ecology, animal welfare and social economy, i+m chooses its partners according to their ability to develop the ‘radically sustainable’ cosmetics of the future.

Sulapac® Nordic Collection by Quadpack fits the concept perfectly: made from wood and plant-based binders, raw materials that are organically recyclable, the range is an important and innovative approach to the plastic waste challenge.

Discover Sulapac® Nordic Collection by Quadpack.


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