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Obvious, a new concept of sustainable luxury

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The niche fragrance label Différentes Latitudes launches a new eco-conscious range, where simplicity is key

French perfumer David Frossard had an epiphany while travelling in India a few years ago. Tired of the city, he took a rickshaw to go to the beach and connect with nature, but was disappointed when he finally reached the seaside, completely polluted with plastic and other garbage items. “It became obvious to me that, although my mission was to develop beautiful premium fragrances, they should have the least possible impact on nature,” he says.

Obvious is the new launch of Différentes Latitudes, Frossard’s niche fragrance label, setting foot in the promising territory of sustainable luxury perfumes. Launched in November after a successful crowdfunding campaign, Obvious is offered in seven different scents. From the ingredients to the outer pack, everything was carefully considered in order to avoid waste: the formula with organic and biodegradable alcohol, the outer package made of FSC™-certified paper and cotton, the recyclable bottle with 30 per cent recycled glass and Quadpack’s monomaterial cork cap, sourced from sustainably-managed forests. “The impact of the cap says a lot about the product: it’s disruptive, trendy, natural and modern at the same time,” he says.

Fully manufactured in Europe, Obvious was developed for what Frossard calls ‘the European style’. “The luxury fragrance market nowadays is directed mostly at premium clients from America, Asia and the Middle East, both in terms of price positioning and marketing. I wanted a product that would resonate with Europe again,” he explains.

Initially sold through the crowdfunding platform Ulule, the new range has adapted to the ‘new normality’: clients can receive the seven fragrance samples at home, pick their favourite, and then have the full bottle delivered to their door. The store experience is also possible: Différentes Latitudes has a perfume bar in Paris.

Discover Quadpack’s brand new range of sustainable cork caps.


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