The perfect 'less mess' accessory for clay face masks

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Clay has been used for beauty treatments throughout the ages and, now, clay face masks are making a comeback. They remove impurities and absorb oil, while their mineral content deeply nourish the skin. These masks leave your skin beautifully clear and soft, but applying them can be a messy business. Now, Quadpack’s secondary packaging team presents the ideal solution in the shape of a dual-sided applicator.

The Clay Mask Applicator offers a clean and easy way to put on mud, clay and other natural face masks. A wide, fan-shaped spatula at one end glides the product gently onto your skin. The silicone surface flexes with the contours of your face and ensures the product doesn’t stick to the applicator.

A small brush at the other end has nylon bristles to reach the delicate areas around the nose and eyes. The dual-ended applicator means it takes just minutes to cover your face evenly with just the right amount of product – so you don’t use more than necessary. The product rinses off easily, leaving no residue, for greater hygiene.

Then sit back, relax and let the mask do its work. Less mess and greater convenience – with the Clay Mask Applicator, it is easy to make these tried-and-true treatments part of anyone’s daily skincare routine.

The Clay Mask Applicator is an attractive-looking accessory that can be decorated to match your brand. The spatula, wooden handle, brush and aluminium ferrule can all be coloured, including the nylon hair. The handle can also be printed.

Complement the Clay Mask Applicator with Quadpack’s Arno Jar, to create an elegant kit, perfect for premium skincare brands. 

Check out the Clay Mask Applicator in our online catalogue.
Check out the Arno Jar in our online catalogue.


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