Airless packaging with a 'pop'!

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Capsules are perfect for concentrated doses of hard-working formulas. Whether it’s anti-ageing or lifting serum, encapsulation can offer extra protection and longer-lasting preservation, while presenting an attractive-looking texture to consumers. Now Quadpack offers a packaging solution from Yonwoo that adds a sensory level to the experience: Capsule Airless.

Capsule Airless delivers the full effect of the formula’s sensory texture. Unlike other systems, it allows the whole capsule to pass through intact. The beads are burst as they are massaged into the skin, rather than in the pump. Feel them pop as the serum is released and the formula transforms into smooth liquid in front of your eyes.

Its functionality is impeccable. Quadpack has conducted thorough testing using a capsule formula in collaboration with French contract manufacturer Capsum, to validate performance.

What’s more, it comes equipped with Yonwoo’s airless technology, further protecting the product from external contaminants. The pump dispenses a perfect dose of 0.5cc, and enables use of all the product right to the end, with no wastage.

Sold with a 50ml cylindrical bottle, Quadpack can apply silk-screen or hot-stamp decoration, to match any look a brand might require.

Check out the Yonwoo Capsule Airless in our online catalogue.


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