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The curse is broken! The days of leaking creams and shattered powder in your handbag are over, thanks to today’s new solid formulas. They save us from spillage and perform just as well as liquid or powder products. With on-the-go beauty and personal care high on the list of consumers’ priorities, it's no wonder that these practical, easily-transportable products continue to gain traction. Quadpack's latest stick from Yonwoo is the perfect travel-sized container for the new generation of skincare, make-up and fragrance balms.

The Yonwoo Beauty Stick is designed for high-viscosity skincare products, especially suncare, moisturising, skin-healing and skin-soothing formulas. It can also be used for make-up, like illuminator or concealer, and for fragrance, such as solid perfume.

Easy, fun and practical to use, it fits the everyday lifestyle of today’s busy women – and men! With a rotating dispensing wheel incorporated in the base, the product is easily applied onto your skin, for maximum comfort without any hassle. Its size means it fits inside any handbag, manbag or pocket, making it ideal for travel.

It looks great, too. Boasting a simple, rectangular shape with soft rounded edges, it’s compact, flat and completely adorable. Its flat surface offers a broad canvas for decoration, while the whole pack is fully customisable with a host of techniques, from UV / matt coating, metallising and silkscreen printing.

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  • Skincare
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      • Fragrance
        • Decoration
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