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Understanding Sustainability. It starts with Eco Design

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The first Quadpack Roadshow for 2019 gave Category Managers and Sales teams the opportunity to discuss the topic on everyone’s mind; sustainability. Making Quadpack’s products and processes greener touches every inch of the company as it aims not only to reduce its own carbon footprint, but that of its clients and customers.

But how exactly can such a vast subject as sustainability be defined?

Every brand has its own green priorities, CSR policies, budgets and capacity to push their products in a sustainable direction. But even with the best intentions, working within these constraints is a huge challenge. So it helps to break down the overall concept of sustainability and how it can be attained into the big issues.

Eco Design

All packaging concepts start on the drawing board, and the first step towards a green product is eco design.

Eco design is not just an aesthetic; it is a set of principles that aim to minimise the environmental impact of the product throughout its entire lifecycle. For example, weight, thickness, and easy separation of materials mean less energy spent to produce and recycle it. It goes without saying that natural materials, such as paper, wood and cork are more eco, but do they come from a certified sustainable source? Is offering a refillable option viable and a shive necessary? And what of the decoration? Peel-off labelling gives bottles and jars a second life, and ‘nude packaging’, which strips all details down to the bare bones, has become a fashionable trend.

Whether your design is from a catalogue or bespoke, both brand and packaging partner need to work together when building a sustainability strategy. At Quadpack, we continue to strive to make all facets of our company as sustainable as possible, and to keep you informed on how you can do the same.


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