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For many of us, parents squeezing just the right amount of toothpaste onto our brush is an early bathroom memory. Since then, the humble tube has always had a nostalgic appeal. It represents pragmatism over technology, and has a timeless quality.

The market shows a strong consumer-led desire for natural and back-to-basics make-up and skincare products. PCR and biobased PE Tubes with wooden caps are perfect for hand, face and eye creams that are naturally formulated, as the consumer can be assured that the packaging shares common values with the product inside.

Available in a diameter of 25 mm, Quadpack’s PCR Tube is manufactured from post consumer recycled plastic, meaning its been made from discarded plastic waste. The biobased PE Tubes, which are available in diameters of both 25mm and 35mm, are made from a bioplastic that uses sugarcane ethanol in the manufacturing process as a substitute for petroleum, and is still compatible with standard recycling systems.

Quadpack Wood has crafted a special cap made from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests for the PCR and biobased PE Tubes, which really pushes home the green message.

Both types of tubes are finished in neutral white, and can accommodate a variety of decoration techniques, from screen-printing to spray coating.

As with many eco packaging solutions, savvy consumers know it’s what you don’t see that counts the most. Quadpack’s PCR and biobased PE Tubes present a classic format sustainably, which is good for the customer, and good for the planet.


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