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Meet Frankie. He’s hip and eco-aware. Just don’t call him a hippy

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Last month you met Georgina. This month it’s Frankie’s turn.

Frankie is the eco warrior of the new Quadpack family of personalities. The 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is Frankie’s mantra, and these values guide everything he does. Frankie spends time and money making sure his food and clothing are from ethical sources. Personal grooming is important, but formulas and their packaging must adhere to green criteria.

As Frankie says:

“Climate change is the greatest challenge we face today, and our personal choices can make a big impact. I think together we all need to work towards a greener future. I consider myself a modern male. I like good food, going out and looking my best. It’s just that I want to do all this with minimal harmful effects to the environment.

Zero waste is my ultimate goal. So I reduce, reuse and recycle wherever I can. Brands that make a real effort to lessen their carbon footprint win me over. That doesn’t mean that their products can’t be sophisticated. I am really into craftsmanship and design, and I love the way sustainable materials are being used in very cool ways, or packaging that I can somehow reuse for other purposes.“

Quadpack’s PCR and biobased PE tubes with a wooden caps tick many boxes for Frankie. Made of eco-friendly materials and finished with screw-on caps crafted in wood sourced from sustainable forests, they are ideal for face and eye formulas, or any product that is likely to be thrown in a bag and travel around.


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Quadpack demonstrates forward-thinking in eco friendly beauty packaging

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