Wooden collars add an elegant accent to sprays and disk-top cap

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From Autumn 2019, Quadpack launches a striking new accessory for its range of bottles and sprays; an attractive wooden collar that creates instant eco-chic.

Plastic and wood may not seem like the most obvious partners. One is natural and has intrinsically sensorial appeal, the other is functional, versatile, and all-purpose. Yet when they both come together, magic happens.

Wooden collars are a relatively easy add-on for disc-top caps and sprays, rendering perhaps the most common format in the beauty aisles with a premium touch.

Like all the caps, clasps and other components made by Quadpack Wood, the wood for the collar comes from sustainably managed forests and is available in various tones, from natural pine to dark walnut. The disc-top cap bottles and sprays come in sizes of either 125ml and 200ml, with both transparent and white finishes. The cap and collar can be separated for optimal recycling.

The sprays and disc-top cap bottles can host an endless range of decorative applications, from screen-printing to hot stamping and more. The wooden collar detail transforms them further, creating luxurious, rather than throwaway packaging for shampoos, body gels, conditioners and pretty much everything else used in our daily beauty regimes.


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