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Practical and fun, multi-purpose products are what consumers are craving for

New generations of consumers are not making it easy for beauty brands: their busy routines require products that are versatile and easy-to-go while keeping quality, professional finish and a touch of personality. They want it all, and preferably in the same packaging.

Good news is, they can now have it. Multi-purpose packaging is an upward trend that can be seen in many recent make-up launches and follow the MIY (Mix It Yourself) movement for personalisation. They offer endless possibilities of customised application: from sponges that help grading, concealing, and giving quick touch-ups to lipsticks that can line, fill and create multiple effects according to consumers’ needs.

Quadpack’s Multi-Use Foundation Bottle is perfect for highlighters or foundation/concealer formulas thanks to its flocked applicator that allows usage in specific areas, while its pump dispenser can also allow the user to apply makeup in the classic way. By controlling the exact amount of product, both applicators provide the desired effect with a professional finish, just like a makeup artist! Available in a 30ml version, its bottle is made from PETG, a recyclable material.

For creamy formulas such as foundation or liquid lipstick, the Multi-Use Applicator Tube is a trendy pack that opens doors to creativity. Makeup can be applied with the flocked tip and spread with a sponge especially developed to design effects like grading and contouring or even applying on the cheeks. It is offered in a 19mm diameter and you can control the capacity depending on the tube length.


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