A Classic Shape with a Premium Feel

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Quadpack’s Air Line is an all-European range with a sustainable touch

A new, elegant fragrance pack is now part of the Quadpack’s range of classic products. Air Line is an all-European line of rectangular fragrance bottles with a sophisticated feeling given by the quality and origin of its components.

Made of European glass, known for its great quality, Air Line bottles are completely clear and shiny, which elevates the premium features of the product. While its bottom thickness evokes a sense of purity and refinement, the straight lines and flat surface of the bottle allow easy decoration.

The rectangular cap, made from sustainably managed wood, brings an ecological touch to the product and can be offered in different colours.

By being completely sourced and manufactured in Europe, Quadpack’s Air Line is a packaging with reduced carbon footprint when compared to its imported counterparts. Decreased transportation costs and speed are also benefits for brands that prioritise regional sourcing.

Air Line is to be launched in 2020 and will be offered in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml versions.


  • Fragrance
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