Regula Prestige Airless Jar: supreme safety with a premium look

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Quadpack’s Regula range evolves with a new PET version of its airless luxury jar

Quadpack’s Regula Prestige Airless Jar is now available with PET material. This popular 50ml pack brings supreme safety to formulations. Advanced skincare products like face creams or baby products benefit from the protection of its bag-in-bottle airless system, with up to six barriers. Besides preserving product integrity, it offers precise dosing of 0.5ml per stroke and a higher-than-average restitution rate, ensuring minimal waste of the precious formula.

Elevating a standard format into the realms of pure luxury, this gorgeous jar boasts a striking silhouette that’s perfect for the most premium of brands. With a swan-like pump rising above a wide base, the thick-walled jar offers a versatile canvas for decoration. Expertly injected at Quadpack's manufacturing facilities in Germany, a host of finishes can be applied, playing with transparency and colour for a sophisticated look-and-feel. The jar is top-filling and compatible with most filling lines.

The new version is available with a cap and jar in recyclable PET and a PP pump. A PCR PET version is currently under development for release later this year.

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