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Skin care on the move: travel-size foamers from Apollo

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Loving a skin care product means not wanting to be without it, even when travelling. Whether a facial cleanser, shaving foam or hair mousse, if it is part of a morning routine, it should be there always. That is why Apollo has created a 30ml travel-size version of its popular family of foamers.

Foamers typically come in large sizes (150ml), as the products they dispense tend to be used in volume. Now, however, Apollo hooks into the easy travel trend with a 30ml foamer, enabling brand owners to issue mini-size packs of their foam-based products.

The Apollo Mini Foamer offers all the benefits of its patented foam technology. The pump comes with three kinds of mesh for different densities depending on the application. As with all Apollo foamers, foam quality is even, rich and luxurious.

The Mini Foamer has decoration options go far beyond standard foamers on the market. Metallisation, hot-stamping and other techniques can be applied to the pump shoulder, while colour-matching, silk-screen print and a soft touch effect can feature on the bottle.

First market reactions have been very favourable. Apollo spokesperson Stella Lee says:

"Everyone who has seen this product has fallen in love with it!"


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