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Airless, medical-style packs for Juliette Armand's Skin Booster range

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Europe, Beauty, Personal Care, Premium, Primary Packaging, 10 - 99.99 ml

In an impersonal and industrialized world, Juliette Armand offers a personalized approach to cosmetics. Its Skin Boosters range of anti-ageing products uses two types of airless, medical-style packs developed by Quadpack Turkey.

Skin Boosters is an anti-surgery system which offers a cosmetic alternative to plastic surgery, Botox and chemical peeling. The system reinforces the natural functions of skin cells, to leave skin stronger and more self-sufficient.

This premium range uses the Yonwoo 30ml retractable pump for the Derma Heal Serum, Lift Anti-Wrinkle Serum and Hydra Anti-Tox Serum, and the 10ml medical spot syringe for the Opsis Therapy Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream, Chronos Therapy Wrinkle Filler and Opsis Therapy Eye Brightening Gel. 

Airless technology protects the integrity of these scientific formulae by preventing contact with air and other external contaminants. The syringe enables precise, hands-free application of eye and wrinkle treatments, for ultra-hygienic usage. The retractable pump features an actuator that sits flush with the lid until twisted to open. This means the products do not leak when stored in cosmetics bags, making them suitable for travel. 

The pump has a frosted, ice-white coating with an orange shoulder, while the syringe has white nozzle tip. The whole range is attractively decorated using three-pass printing with the brand's orange and grey colour scheme.


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