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Beate Johnen's anti-ageing formula stands out in a crowd

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Thinking outside the box can produce remarkable results, as German cosmetic brand Beate Johnen has proved with its Time Code Lifting-to-Go facial cream. The anti-ageing treatment uses a pack typically used for make-up. The product is contained in an airtight compact with a mirror and a sponge for easy application.

Beate Johnen selected the compact to differentiate the product in a highly competitive market. The innovative pack presents a new look and a new method of dispensing face cream which is different, gentle and feels totally natural. Its flat shape and mirrored lid allow busy women to carry it in their purses and apply the product wherever they go. Applying the product with a sponge means there is no need to wash hands after applying the cream.

The 15ml pack, from Yonwoo, has a unique sealing mode to protect the formula. Fitted with two lids, the outer lid prevents air contamination when closed and also avoids leakage. The inner lid, which twists to open and close, keeps the product airtight, holds the sponge and separates the product from the mirror.

The glossy compact is colour matched in black with a silver metallised outer ring. Brand graphics are hot-stamped in silver on the top of the outer lid.


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