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Cliniderm by Aco designed for the needs of Nordic women

  • Quadpack
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Cliniderm by Aco Gentle Comfort Facial Cleansing is designed for the particular skin care needs of women in the Nordic region. Quadpack developed the pack for ACO Hud of Norway to reflect this unique focus. It presents a fresh, attractive image, with a clean cylindrical shape, and an innovative dish dispenser to allow one-handed usage.

The Yonwoo well pump is constructed to prevent contamination and ensure accurate dosage. Pressing down on the saucer with a cotton wool pad actuates one single dose. Direct contact with the product is avoided for hygienic usage, while keeping hands clean and dry. Its one-way valve further prevents product contamination caused by back-seepage.

The pump's flip-top cap and press-down actuator disc mean it can be used with a single hand. Consumers can hold back their hair with one hand, while cleansing their face with the other, making the daily cleansing routine a more comfortable experience. 

The Cliniderm well pump is made using recyclable components, featuring a PETG bottle and a polypropylene cap. The vertical-action valve allows all product to be used without waste.

Pack decoration is clean and fresh, underlining both the product's cleansing function and its gentle action.


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