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Self-tanning range gets the supermodel treatment

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It's no secret that the Australian body ideal is to be fit and tanned. Yet a high awareness of the dangers of sun exposure has led to a sophisticated domestic market for self-tanning products. Jbronze is a new range of self-tanners by Australian celebrity-model Jennifer Hawkins.

Hawkins is known for her savvy business sense as much as her drop-dead gorgeous looks. (She has a sizable property and share portfolio and has endorsed some of the Australia's best-loved brands). So there is every reason to expect Jbronze will be as successful as her other ventures.

Quadpack has developed two packaging concepts using Yonwoo airless and Apollo foam technologies.

Aimed at the masstige market, the Jbronze range consists of body mousses, creams and sprays, all devised to produce the perfect 'fake' tan. Among them is Face Flawless Tan, presented in a tower-shaped 30ml Yonwoo airless container, with metallic sprayed coating and two-colour silk screen print for a luxurious feel.

The Tanning Mousse comes in a 150ml PET bottle with a patented Apollo foamer, which dispenses the liquid as easy-to-apply foam. The Dark and Medium product variants are finished in bronze and gold – the colours of the endless summer down under.


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